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Website design is also just as important as to how well your website performs in search engine results such as Google and Bing / Yahoo. At Elixxir Design we develop websites for high profile individuals and small businesses. These websites are designed to bring our customers products / services to the online marketplace with robust graphics and specific product descriptions.

As with all websites, content that represents your business and brand is crucial. Regularly updating the website is also crucial to prevent your website from becoming stagnant for returning visitors. Here are some of the key reasons why website design is so important:

First impressions matter: When visitors arrive at your website, they will form an opinion about your business based on what they see. A well-designed website can create a positive first impression and help establish credibility and trust with potential customers.

Navigation and user experience: A well-designed website is easy to navigate and provides a good user experience. This means visitors can quickly find the information they are looking for and complete any desired actions (such as making a purchase or filling out a contact form). Good website design can make the user experience seamless and enjoyable, which can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Search engine optimization (SEO): The design of your website can also affect your SEO performance. Search engines prioritize websites that are well-designed and provide a good user experience, which can help improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

Brand identity: Your website design can help establish and reinforce your brand identity. Consistent use of colors, fonts, and other design elements can help create a cohesive look and feel that reflects your brand's values and personality.

Mobile optimization: With more and more people accessing the internet on their mobile devices, website design that is optimized for mobile viewing has become increasingly important. A mobile-friendly website can improve user experience and help your business reach a wider audience.

Overall, website design plays a critical role in establishing your online presence and attracting and retaining visitors to your website. By investing in good website design, you can help improve your brand's reputation, boost user engagement, and ultimately drive more business to your company.

Services Page

The standard services page features a single page with high level service groupings with underlying individual services pages.

Products Page

The standard products page features a single page with high level product groupings with underlying individual product pages.

Portfolio Page

Typically for influencers, artist and photographers the Portfolio page is a way to feature select and present content.

Contact Form

If required, our website features a contact form where visitors can submit inquiries via email to the site administrator.


We design websites across different industries. Our basic websites come with advanced features and different support options. Our basic websites are easy to use & mobile-friendly. Our standard NYC website designs feature robust graphics and content and we ask our customers where possible to use their own product and location content whenever possible. Website design is incredibly important because it can have a significant impact on how visitors perceive your website and your brand as a whole.

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ECommerce Configuration

A properly configured ecommerce website is designed to provide a seamless and secure shopping experience for customers. Here are some key features that we suggest a properly configured ecommerce website should have at a minimum:

Product Catalogue: The website should have a comprehensive catalogue of products, with clear and detailed descriptions, images, pricing and any other relevant information.

Secure Checkout: A secure checkout process is crucial to ensure customers feel safe when making purchases. The website should have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, and offer secure payment gateways to process transactions.

Multiple Payment Options: To cater to different customers' preferences, the website should offer a variety of payment options, such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and more.

Customer Reviews: Customer reviews provide social proof and help build trust among potential customers. The website should allow customers to leave feedback, ratings, and reviews on the products they’ve purchased.

Shipping & Returns Policy: Clear and transparent shipping and returns policy should be provided, outlining shipping options, delivery times, return instructions, and any applicable fees.

By incorporating these features, a properly configured ecommerce website can provide a positive and hassle-free shopping experience, encouraging customers to make purchases and return to the site in the future.