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Elixxir Design are NYC small business SEO Experts & Website Designers. We offer small business  SEO Services, develop robust websites and manage the online presence for our small business customers.

Search Engine Optimization

We help your website increase the amount of visitors from Organic Search Results that helps showcase your products and / or services.

Search Engine Optimization

Basic Website Design

We create new websites and update existing websites so that they perform well in visitor analytics and climb search engine rankings.

Basic Website Design

Reputation Management

We offer a network of 200 third-party publishers that will help manage and strengthen your websites online reputation.

Reputation Management

NYC Small Business SEO


We specialize in helping businesses build Local SEO strategies that will enable your website to compete against established competition.


Ensure your website and brand are viewed as authoritative and trustworthy by Google / Bing / Yahoo, other web platforms and specific Social Media platforms.


Our services include ensuring on-page search engine optimization via ensuring your website and it's underlying content is compliant with the latest SEO standards.


We regularly maintain all of our clients websites to ensure the site is ranking for intended search terms and identifying potential opportunities for site growth.

nyc small business seo

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NYC small business SEO experts Elixxir Design. We offer expert small businesses Search Engine Optimization services in New York City.

If you feel your website isn't generating the leads it should, or you want that second opinion on how well your online brand is reaching potential customers, click the button below and complete the contact from and an Elixxir Design representative will be in touch with you shortly.