Elixxir Design is a Marketing Company located in Midtown Manhattan.

We may be small…but we have the ability to make a large impact for our clients online success. It’s obvious that we enjoy designing new websites for new entries to the market, or enhancing one of our customers existing websites to perform better in search results.

What we really enjoy is seeing the satisfaction from our customers when they begin to see the visitors increase and start generating leads through their website and social media. The combined strength of a well coded and vibrant website, coupled with robust social media platforms, can be very lucrative to a small business trying to compete against a similar or larger competitor.

If you’re a local New York City not-for-profit Community Space, Community Park/Garden or NYC Boroughs Business District please contact us – we will design your website at no cost. Elixxir Design promotes all not-for-profit community organizations that serve to better the lives of the citizens all 5 Boroughs of New York City. Please contact us for further discussion.

About Elixxir