NYC Social Media Advisors

Social Media channels are the most important influence on products and services today. There is no other single way next to organic search to get visitors to your website to view more information about your business offerings.

While Social Media is important it is also crucial to select which platforms you will use to promote your business. Businesses that take the blanket approach and cover every popular or breaking social media platform with content often find little to no reward from certain platforms.

Different platforms offer different type of posting capabilities. While photos of your products or services still resonate, the option of using video, video “shorts” or “reels” is now prevalent across platforms and growing exponentially.

Social Media Do's:

  • Use your own content - create vivid content that represents your products and services
  • Post to Instagram, Facebook, etc., using the recommended image and video dimensions
  • Follow businesses similar to your business
  • Follow other local businesses in your area

Social Media Dont's:

  • Using stock content - unless required use your own content, stock images can be obvious to the critical consumer.
  • Redundant / Duplicate content - don't post the same image or video across social media accounts at the same time.

Most important: Don't flood your social media accounts with posts - if you're not getting new followers, views, likes, and visits to your website from social media it may be sign visitors aren't happy with your content and / or frequency of posting.

Social Media Post Dimensions

Dimensions are very important for social media posts as they determine how the post will appear on different platforms. Each social media platform has its own recommended dimensions for images, videos, and other visual content, and adhering to these dimensions can greatly impact the success of your social media strategy.

Here are some reasons why dimensions are important for social media posts:

Consistency: Using the recommended dimensions for each platform ensures that your content is consistent and looks professional across all channels.

Optimization: The correct dimensions can help to optimize your content for each platform, improving its visibility and engagement. For example, using the recommended aspect ratio for Instagram stories ensures that your content doesn't get cropped or cut off, making it more engaging and visually appealing.

Mobile-Friendliness: Most social media users access platforms on their mobile devices, and using the recommended dimensions ensures that your content is optimized for mobile viewing.

Branding: Consistently using the same dimensions and design elements in your social media posts can help to reinforce your brand and make your content more recognizable to your followers.

Avoiding Mistakes: Failing to use the correct dimensions can result in distorted or pixelated images, or content that doesn't display properly. This can detract from the impact of your social media strategy and can reflect poorly on your brand.

Using the correct dimensions for your social media posts is crucial to ensure that your content looks professional, is optimized for each platform, and is consistent with your brand.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Social Media ad campaigns are a great way to not only capture more followers but they can be a strong driver of visitors to your website. At Elixxir Design we create ad campaigns for our clients where clients want their reach extended beyond organic search.

While the cost per click of social media ads is much cheaper than search engine paid ads, be careful to configure them as accurately as possible. You can significantly drive down the average amount of time visitors are spending on your website by flooding it with social media clicks.