Social Media channels are the most important influence on products and services today. There is no other single way next to organic search to get visitors to your website to view more information about your business offerings.

While Social Media is important it is also crucial to select which platforms you will use to promote your business. Businesses that take the blanket approach and cover every popular or breaking social media platform with content often find little to no reward from certain platforms.

Different platforms offer different type of posting capabilities. While photos of your products or services still resonate, the option of using video, video “shorts” or “reels” is now prevalent across platforms and growing exponentially.

Using the correct dimensions for your social media posts is crucial to ensure that your content looks professional, is optimized for each platform, and is consistent with your brand. The following sections outline the post dimensions for the Top Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Consistent Brand-Voice & Messaging

We help our clients maintain a consistent brand voice across all social media platforms to establish a recognizable and cohesive identity. This ensures that messaging aligns with the brand values and resonates with the target audience.

Content Quality & Variety

Focusing on creating high-quality and engaging content that adds value to your audience and diversifying content types, including images, videos, infographics that focus on your products & services.

Performance Measurement

We can help you draw out what works well for your social media platforms and what could potentially be improved for your target audience.

It's crucial to stay mindful of platform-specific best practices, be aware of your competitors' strategies, and regularly review and update your social media strategy to align with evolving business goals. Elixxir Design can help you get your social media presence aligned with your brand goals and audience targeting.


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