Matterport is a technology company known for its innovative solutions in spatial data capture and 3D visualization. At its core, Matterport provides tools and services that enable the creation of immersive 3D models and virtual tours of physical spaces.

Here are some of the key benefits of using Matterport:

Matterport allows users to create immersive 3D virtual tours of real-world spaces. This feature is beneficial for real estate agents, property managers, and businesses looking to showcase properties remotely. Potential buyers or renters can explore the property as if they were physically present, reducing the need for physical visits.

Floor plans are a simple way to attract qualified buyers who are ready to make an offer. Matterport’s floor plan service offers an affordable way to create professional-grade schematic floor plans without extra appointments or visits. This helps qualified buyers visualize the layout, measurements, and flow of a property.

By using Matterport’s 3D models and virtual tours, users can effectively visualize and communicate spatial concepts and designs. This is beneficial for architects, designers, and engineers who need to convey ideas to clients or collaborators in a more immersive and understandable format.

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3D Virtual Tours

3D Virtual Tours provide a highly immersive experience, allowing viewers to see the space from different angles and perspectives. This can include views from floor level to ceiling height.

Users can navigate through the space virtually, moving from room to room and exploring different areas as if they were physically present.

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Dollhouse View provides a comprehensive and interactive way to visualize and understand layouts and structure of a 3D-scanned space.

Dollhouse view enhances the viewing experience of 3D virtual tours by offering a bird’s-eye perspective that aids in navigation and understanding of the scanned space’s layout and structure.

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Matterport provides options to share 3D tours and virtual walkthroughs on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

Users can generate links or embed codes for their Matterport content, which can then be shared directly on these platforms to reach a wider audience. This integration is useful for real estate listings, virtual tours of venues, and other applications where visual immersion is beneficial.

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